Computer Science

Computer Science

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Reed's computer science program seeks to ground students in a deep understanding of the fundamental principles of computing. We welcome students from all backgrounds, regardless of prior experience with computer science. Students take core classes in programming, mathematics, the theory of computing, and the design of hardware and software systems. Reed computer science maintains a strong connection to the mathematics program, and many students pursue a Computer Science-Mathematics interdisciplinary major.

Upcoming Events

Computer Science Colloquium: Eitan Frachtenberg, Reed College

The Locality of Binary Representations in Genetic and Evolutionary Algorithms - Genetic and evolutionary algorithms (GEAs) are a family of search and...

10/27 5:00pm
CS/Math/Stats Virtual Event: Data Visualization Contest

Exercise the right side of your left brain! Team up and create evocative visualizations for a mystery dataset.

11/10 4:30pm

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