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Chemistry is unique among the sciences in that it studies interactions between matter and energy at the atomic level. Why focus on atoms? Consider this - all of the matter that we see around us, a bird, a rock, or a computer screen, is made entirely out of atoms, yet there are only 80 or 90 kinds of atoms. How can such a small set of atomic building blocks produce so many different kinds of matter? The answer lies in the combining power of atoms. Putting atoms together in different combinations and arrangements creates different kinds of matter. This makes chemistry, which is the study of the "what, how, and why" of atom combination, an essential tool for understanding the natural world.

Upcoming Events

Chemistry Seminar: Jenny Yang, Ph.D. "Electrifying the Secondary Coordination Sphere: Proximal Cations and Their Effect on Redox Reactivity"

Jenny Y. Yang is a valley girl (born and raised in San Fernando Valley). She received her BS at UC Berkeley (research with Professor Jeffrey R. Long) and...

10/29 4:15pm
Chemistry Seminar: Elon Ison, Ph.D. "Transition-metal oxos and nitridos as frustrated Lewis pairs"

Elon is a citizen of Trinidad and Tobago and the United States. He received his B.S. degree (Kean University) in 1999 and conducted undergraduate research in...

11/12 4:15pm
Chemistry Seminar: Junior Qual & Summer Research

This week’s seminar is a chance to learn and ask questions about summer research opportunities in the chemistry department and the junior qualifying exam....

1/28/2021 4:15pm

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