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Biology as a discipline is continuing to expand its horizons at an astonishing pace, making this an especially exciting time to be a biologist. Our program draws strength from a long-standing tradition of combining research and teaching in ways that benefit both our students and our faculty. The historic and continued success of Reed biology majors demonstrates the effectiveness of our approach.

Upcoming Events

Biology Seminar: Melvin Rouse

Dr. Melvin Rouse looks at how hormones, the brain, and reproductive behavior interact uainf songbirds as his model system. This model system allows him to...

1/31 4:10pm
Summer Research, Internships & Other Opportunities in Biology

Learn about upcoming events in the department as well as opportunities for summer research, internships & fellowships.

2/7 4:10pm
Biology Seminar: Tim Nice

Dr. Tim Nice studys the biology of the intestinal innate immune cells and cytokines – how they promote intestinal health and resistance to infection. He uses...

2/14 4:10pm
Biology Seminar: Martin Venturas

Dr. Martin Venturas's research focuses on plant hydraulics and forest ecophysiology. Currently, he is working on modeling how different plant hydraulic...

2/28 4:10am
Biology Seminar: Lisa Mangiamele

Dr. Lisa Mangiamele is an integrative neurobiologist interested in animal communication. Her research uses behavioral, physiological, molecular and...

3/6 4:10pm

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