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Biology as a discipline is continuing to expand its horizons at an astonishing pace, making this an especially exciting time to be a biologist. Our program draws strength from a long-standing tradition of combining research and teaching in ways that benefit both our students and our faculty. The historic and continued success of Reed biology majors demonstrates the effectiveness of our approach.

Upcoming Events

Biology Seminar: "Student-Driven Stories of Computational Systems Biology"

Dr. Anna Ritz is an Assistant Professor in the Biology Department at Reed College. Her research explores different ways to model biological systems using...

9/20 4:10pm
Biology Seminar: Janis Shampay, PhD

Dr. Janis Shampay investigates the structure and behavior of chromosome ends, or telomeres. These specialized structures are required for chromosome...

9/27 4:10pm
Biology Seminar: Derrick Matthews, PhD

Dr. Derrick Matthews is an assistant professor in the Department of Health Behavior at the Gillings School of Global Public Health. His research explores how...

10/4 12:00pm
Biology Seminar: Todd: Rosenstiel, PhD

Dr. Rosensteil's research focuses on the investigation of the possible biogenic sources of isoprene emissions over the Peninsula Antarctic by comparing the...

10/11 4:10am
Biology Seminar: Kelly Monk, PhD

Dr. Kelly Monk is a senior scientist and co-director of the Vollum Institute. Her research uses mouse and zebrafish models to better understand how...

11/1 4:10pm

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