The biology building houses teaching and research laboratories, classrooms, offices, and a lecture hall. It also houses a computational biology lab, the Reed College Herbarium, and a stockroom. The building was named for Professor Lawrence Edmonds Griffin (1875–1949), a noted marine biologist who taught biology at Reed from 1920 to 1945.

3203 Southeast Woodstock Boulevard, Portland, Oregon 97202-8199

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Academic Building





Upcoming Events

Biology Seminar: Melvin Rouse

Dr. Melvin Rouse looks at how hormones, the brain, and reproductive behavior interact uainf songbirds as his model system. This model system allows him to...

1/31/2020 4:10pm
Summer Research, Internships & Other Opportunities in Biology

Learn about upcoming events in the department as well as opportunities for summer research, internships & fellowships.

2/7/2020 4:10pm
Biology Seminar: Tim Nice

Dr. Tim Nice studys the biology of the intestinal innate immune cells and cytokines – how they promote intestinal health and resistance to infection. He uses...

2/14/2020 4:10pm
Biology Seminar: Martin Venturas

Dr. Martin Venturas's research focuses on plant hydraulics and forest ecophysiology. Currently, he is working on modeling how different plant hydraulic...

2/28/2020 4:10am
Biology Seminar: Lisa Mangiamele

Dr. Lisa Mangiamele is an integrative neurobiologist interested in animal communication. Her research uses behavioral, physiological, molecular and...

3/6/2020 4:10pm

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