The biology building houses teaching and research laboratories, classrooms, offices, and a lecture hall. It also houses a computational biology lab, the Reed College Herbarium, and a stockroom. The building was named for Professor Lawrence Edmonds Griffin (1875–1949), a noted marine biologist who taught biology at Reed from 1920 to 1945.

3203 Southeast Woodstock Boulevard, Portland, Oregon 97202-8199

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Academic Building





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Seminar: Kelly Monk, PhD

Dr. Kelly Monk is a senior scientist and co-director of the Vollum Institute. Her research uses mouse and zebrafish models to better understand how...

11/1 4:10pm
Linked Jades: Creativity and Reciprocity in Chinese Calligraphy

A cursive-script letter by the renowned eighth-century statesman Yan Zhenqing is the original work in a long handscroll that also includes a colophon by the...

11/4 4:45pm
Biology Seminar: Saumya Gopalkrishnan, PhD

Dr. Gopalkrishnan studies fundamental issues in the molecular biology of gene expression in bacteria using cutting edge biochemical and genetic techniques.

11/8 4:10pm

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