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RESTival: High Vibrational Resonance with Zachary James Watkins

“If we can not imagine or envision a way to rest for 15 to 30 minutes a day, how will we be able to imagine or envision a world without police terror and...

11/30 7:00pm
Virtual Event

Meditation sessions will take place virtually through the end of January. Silent meditation sessions are open to all members of the Reed community and...

12/1 12:00pm
Virtual Event
Visiting Artist Talk: Roberto Lugo

Roberto Lugo is an American artist, ceramicist, social activist, poet, and educator. Lugo uses porcelain as his medium of choice, illuminating its...

12/2 1:30pm
Virtual Event
Chemistry Seminar: Shivani Ahuja, Ph.D. "Conformational Dynamics of Membrane Proteins: Dancing at the cross-roads of chemistry, biology and physics"

Biology happens at the cellular level due to flow of information and nutrients across cell membranes driven by a specific class of proteins known as membrane...

12/3 4:15pm
Virtual Event
Still from Borrufa, 2019, Roland Dahwen, Director. Image courtesy and copyright Patuá Films.

Reed College's Cooley Gallery is pleased to present From Afar, a weeklong film festival organized by Roland Dahwen—artist, filmmaker, and the Cooley’s...

Virtual Event
{Virtual/In-Person TBD} Nadia Singh, University of Oregon

Virtual/In-Person TBD Nadia Singh, University of Oregon Dr. Singh's lab focuses on the causes and consequences of variation in fundamental genetic...

2/5/2021 4:10pm
Virtual Event
Chemistry Seminar: Thomas Markland, D.Phil.

Thomas Markland, Department of Chemistry, Stanford University Tom Markland received his MChem in Chemistry from Balliol College, University of Oxford where...

2/11/2021 4:15pm
Virtual Event
{Virtual/In-Person TBD} Crystal Rogers, University of California, Davis

Virtual/In-Person TBD Crystal Rogers, University of California, Davis Dr. Rogers' lab is interested in understanding how genetic and environmental changes...

2/12/2021 4:10pm
Virtual Event
Chemistry Seminar: Melanie Chiu, Ph.D.

Melanie earned her A.B. in Chemistry with a minor in Music from Dartmouth College in 2004. Her undergraduate studies focused on organic methodology: she...

2/18/2021 4:15pm
Virtual Event
Architectures of the Flesh

Lit & Lang Divisional Speaker: Zakiyyah Jackson In her book Becoming Human, Jackson examines how the fraudulent representationalist claim that race is a...

2/18/2021 5:15pm
Virtual Event
{Virtual/In-Person TBD} Students Talking About Research

Virtual/In-Person TBD Seniors in Biology talk about their thesis projects.

2/19/2021 4:10pm
Virtual Event
Chemistry Seminar: Nancy Williams, Ph.D. "Call Me Nancy: The Hunt for the Whale. One Chemist’s 10-Year Reckless Pursuit of a Novel P-Rich Platinum Pincer Complex"

Nancy Williams is a native of the Pacific Northwest, raised in Puyallup, Washington, just east of Tacoma. She attended Harvey Mudd College in Claremont,...

3/4/2021 4:15pm
Virtual Event
Chemistry Seminars: Senior Research Presentations

Chemistry seniors will present their thesis research

4/1/2021 4:15pm
Virtual Event