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Originally designed by Pietro Belluschi and built for the chemistry department in 1948, the building was renovated for the psychology department in 1995, providing all senior psychology majors with shared office space and professors with individual lab space for research. In the center of the building is a large teaching space and conference area, which also houses a social psychology lab, a psycholinguistics lab with state-of-the-art brain scanning equipment, a developmental lab with a play room in which to observe children, and a cognition lab that has its own recording and sound studio. There are also rooms for housing animals, including an aviary for pigeons. The auditorium, Room 105, seats 90 people and is equipped with a viewing screen and an excellent sound system.

3203 Southeast Woodstock Boulevard, Portland, Oregon 97202-8199

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The What, the How, and the Why of Science Denial

Prof. Adrian Bardon ’91 of Wake Forest University will speak about what is happening when someone is in denial. Denial, as opposed to lying or bullshitting,...

9/21 4:15pm
Sex, Gender, and Sexuality Symposium: C. Riley Snorton

"DeVine's Cut" In this lecture, C. Riley Snorton interrogates the absent presence of Phillip DeVine in both the public memory of the Humboldt killings and...

9/22 5pm
Inclusive Reed Series Lecture: Addressing Islamophobia

Dispelling Myths to Confront Hate and Bias The post-9/11 era in the U.S. has exposed a significant degree of prejudice and bigotry towards Muslims and those...

11/1 6pm

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Christa Helms

Christa Helms left a positive review 11/12/2016

Inspiring (haha) incorporation of breath to poetry and jazz, an interesting perspective for me, an actor