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Gray Fund Cultural Trip: Portland Spirit Lunch Cruise

Say goodbye to the usual Commons brunch fare and enjoy a one-of-a-kind dining experience. Experience live entertainment, a delicious seasonal buffet, and...

4/1 10:45am
Gray Fund Flick: Mad Max Fury Road

This "universal[ly] acclaim[ed]" and unique 2015 action flick centers around a single high speed chase, where five wives who've survived the apocolypse (lead...

4/8 7pm
Gray Fund Cultural Trip: Oaks Park Amusement Park

Enjoy unlimited rides and a roller skating session at Oaks Park Amusement Park. Pick from over 20 rides, including a carousel, bumper cars, traditional...

4/9 11:30am
Gray Fund Cultural Trip: Oregon Ballet Theatre Terra

Welcome spring and life back into your life with the world premiere of the ballet Terra, as well as three other earth-themed showings: Petal, El Naranjo, and...

4/15 12:45pm

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