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Academic Support Workshops

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Overcoming Math Anxiety Workshop

Does math make you anxious? You’re not alone! Learn how to work with math anxiety, find options for additional support, and make a plan to succeed in...

1/24 12pm
Introduction to LaTeX

Learn how to create a clean-looking document for your problem sets or thesis in this self-paced workshop. No prior experience or LaTeX installation is...

1/29 4:30pm
Introduction to Excel / Google Sheets Workshop

Learn spreadsheet basics, including entering data, sorting and filtering, and using formulas in this self-paced workshop. No prior experience is expected....

1/31 12pm
Quantitative Skills for Lab Sciences Workshop

Refresh and practice key math skills for lab sciences. Student-driven topics may include scientific notation, significant figures, dimensional analysis, the...

2/8 4:30pm
Algebra Refresher Workshop

Refresh and practice key algebra skills. Student-driven topics may include complex fractions, expanding and factoring, solving equations, exponent rules,...

2/12 4:30pm

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