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Jack Gallant: "Mapping, Modeling, and Decoding the Human Brain"

Jack Gallant is a professor of psychology specializing in cognitive neuroscience at the University of California at Berkeley. His talk will focus on one important goal of psychology and neuroscience: to understand the brain mechanisms mediating natural behavior. This is a challenging problem because natural behavior often involves many different perceptual, motor, and cognitive systems distributed broadly across the brain. Professor Gallant's laboratory has developed a new approach to functional brain mapping that recovers detailed information about the cortical maps mediating natural behavior. His results show that even simple natural behaviors involve dozens or hundreds of distinct functional gradients and areas, that these are organized similarly in the brains of different individuals, and that top-down mechanisms such as attention can change these maps on a very short time scale. His approach provides a powerful method for mapping the representation of many different perceptual and cognitive processes across the human brain and for decoding brain activity.

7:10 p.m. Pre-lecture reception in Vollum lounge
7:30 p.m. Lecture in Vollum lecture hall
Free and open to the public

Thursday, September 14, 2017 at 7:30pm

Vollum College Center, Vollum lecture hall
3203 Southeast Woodstock Boulevard, Portland, Oregon 97202-8199

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Faculty & Staff, Students, Alumni, General Public





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